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Course Learning Outcomes

Student who successfully completes the course will be able to;

1.1 identify and analyze  several topologies of the power converters;

1.2 design an ac/dc power converter topology suiting the demand;

1.3 determine the rules for switching periodic ac waveforms;

1.4 select proper power switches with suitable  electrical characteristics and properties;

1.5 calculate average, rms, and peak values of the electrical variables involved with the power converter circuits;

1.6 calculate real, apparent, and reactive power involved with the power converter circuits;

2.1 know basic physical structure of the semiconductor power switches;

2.2 match the electrical characteristics for the device of the choice to those demanded by the converter;

2.3 determine the power dissipation within the device and basic factors affecting the amount of the dissipation;

2.4 match the mechanical and thermal features for the device of the choice to those setforth and offered by the converter;

3.1 control the flow of the power through the devices;

3.2 determine the switching pattern for the converter;

3.3 control the mean output voltage of the converter;

3.4 analyze the effect of the input inductance on the converter output.