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Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to

O1: Describe and link the basic concepts of information technology and adapt to using the emerging technologies effectively

O2: Identify the nature and extent of the information they need

O3: Search, access, collect, assess, criticize, compare, analyze, locate and present the information they require

O4: Identify, demonstrate and describe ethical issues, regulations and laws to use information, software and technology systems

O5: Practice health and safety issues involved in using computers

O6: Compose, edit and revise a document using a word processing tool including Microsoft Word

O7: Manipulate, organize, filter and analyze data using spreadsheets

O8: Communicate, interact and collaborate with peers, experts and other audiences through various media including NetMeeting and applications including Microsoft Outlook and web browsers

O9: Investigate, define and solve basic computer problems, provide maintenance and security of computers

O10: Use technology to support decision making process for real world problems

O11: Construct personal knowledge and meaning using electronic research techniques

O12: Apply technology to increase productivity

O13: Organize and present information by combining different media