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Course Objectives

This course aims to increase pre-service counselors’ awareness of the social problems and develop certain ideas of voluntary work that will be helpful in solving such problems. At the end of the semester pre-service counselors are expected to be able to view voluntary tasks and as a way of understanding society and education from a more realistic point of view. In corporation with non-governmental organizations and/or their local communities, student counselors will participate in community services to meet certain educational and social needs of local communities in order to develop their critical thinking abilities, their commitment and values, and the skills about understanding and handling existing social problems, especially in relation to education by conducting voluntary work.


Students will apply the knowledge and skills they have developed following their departmental curriculum and become active civic participants in today’s society. Students will plan, develop, apply, reflect on, and evaluate community service projects individually and/or in groups. The projects could be educational, social, environmental, and/or health related depending on the students’ interests, motivation and creativity.