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Course Objectives

By the end of this course, each of the students will be able to:


1.  Identify current issues of significance within the field of counseling and guidance at the national as well as at the international levels;

2.  Demonstrate increased skill and confidence in the process of leading a discussion among professional colleagues;

3.  Demonstrate an increased familiarity with the professional literature in a variety of current and important counseling related fields;

4.  Demonstrate facility in developing and producing formal academic presentations.

5.  Demonstrate enhanced critical thinking skills.

6.  Demonstrate the ability to apply counseling related research findings from other countries and cultures in a meaningful, tolerant and culturally sensitive fashion to Turkish individuals and culture

7. Prepare, present and report a seminar about a topic which student would love to learn more.

8. Complete a quantitative research study, present and report it as individually or as a group.

Some possible seminar and research topics are given as Appendix 1.