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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 To be able to implement the knowledge attained throughout the undergraduate education in building science related areas of education, practice, research-development-innovation and to be able to contribute to the developments in these areas
2 To be able to define the technical topics and problems, analyze and bring proposals of solution regarding building materials, building physics, construction, construction management, conservation processes and the relationships of the environment and the nature
3 To be able to gather and accumulate local and global professional knowledge (theoretical, technical and practical) on building related (building physics, materials, construction, construction details) topics
4 To be able to interpret and analyze the information coming from different disciplines regarding buildings, and create new knowledge from them
5 To be able to analyze, evaluate and provide solutions to a problem within an ethical framework and with scientific approach
6 To be able to propose a research topic or study within an ethical framework, using scientific methods, and with a inter-disciplinary approach/point of view, and develop, evaluate, and run as a research proposal
7 To be able to publish the developments and results regarding a research topic in national and international scientific media
8 To be able to follow and grasp the new and contemporary technologies / advances in the field of building science
9 To be able to follow and interpret the new and current technologies/developments regarding the field of building science
10 To be able to have the consciousness of ethical liability in building related professions
11 To be able to use the information and communication technologies in an advanced way in the processes of building construction, facilities management, and conservation processes; to be able to use, manage and share the attained knowledge by using these technologies
0: No Contribution 1: Little Contribution 2: Partial Contribution 3: Full Contribution