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Course Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this course, the student will be able to:

1- Identify and characterize functions of surface and subsurface hardware, equipment, tools typically used in production systems such as Christmas tree, separators, chocks, gauge, meters, valves, production tubing, production casing, packers, and flow lines.

2- Differentiate between all types of completion fluids and completion techniques and know how to select an appropriate perforation technique as well as design the process for minimum pressure drop and maximum production capacity.

3- Design drill stem test and analyze recorded data of pressure-flow rate and calculate some of initial reservoir pressure and expected skin factor as well as reservoir permeability.

4- Predict the inflow performance relationships, wellbore performance relationship, and well head performance relationship.

5- Differentiate between all types of fracturing fluids and acidizing solutions with significant knowledge of the applicability of each type. Decide the appropriate stimulation method for production enhancement, prepare and design selected stimulation process, and analyze post-stimulation production data. 

6- Identify the conditions for applying sucker rod pumps and submersible electrical centrifugal pumps and evaluate wellbore performance before and after the installation of these two artificial lift techniques.  

7- Identify common problems of petroleum production systems such as sand production. Select and design the remedial processes for removing the impact of these problems.