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Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will

- have detailed information on the nomenclature, construction, materials, design, designations, and manufacture of pneumatic tires,

- be familiar with the basic characteristics of automobile and commercial vehicle wheels,

- understand the basic types of steering systems for land vehicles and principles of geometrically correct steering,

- be able to evaluate steering systems for multi axle vehicles, the suitability of a proposed linkage, and the turning radius,

- be able to use the bicycle model to examine the basic handling characteristics of a vehicle,

- have a detailed knowledge of various types of suspension systems and their characteristics and be able to analyze in-plane suspension linkages for camber and track changes,

- be able to analyze and evaluate the ride comfort of road vehicles using body bounce and wheel hop, and body bounce and pitch vehicle models,

- have a basic understanding of the process of body design for automobiles.