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Course Objectives

Media Economics course focuses on the economic environment in which media operate, and discusses the main actors/forces that shape media, market and consumer attitute in a very changing climate of media technology. The course aims to reveal the marketing roles under different ownership and its effects on media content and function today and in future. Media Economics course seeks to review and analyse a range of different media markets around the world, more emphasize will be given on Turkish media market operations referring to previous and recent periods, covering transition years as well. 

Not only economic factors/policies but also political reasons/policies have helped to shape today’s world media and the markets: ‘Through expansion, privatization and convergence, the world’s media and media markets are undergoing fundamental shifts in the race to the new society.’ These changes are global and driven by economic policies as well as political policies of countries  in and/or abroad, suggesting the importance of understanding the economics of media and media markets. Electronic and print media ownership, finance and corporate structure, roles of new media technologies, the effects of different media contents and their functions will be in the description under this course. The objectives of the course are underlined by four following themes: Historical trends in the evolving stages of media technology, and its previous implications for competition, concentration and convergence in mass media and particularly in society, Market models, market and consumer behaviour, the impact of latest technologies on media industry and media firms, TURKEY: Structure and ownership in Turkish media: History, today and in future. Traditional Media and New Media will be compared and studied under different products of media industry.


Media Economics as a concept means more than money and finance. It also involves the ownership and structure of industries. Therefore, the course also focuses how they operate and what contents they produce at different media products namely, broadcast and cable industries, motion pictures, print industry and future of media industry.