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Course Learning Outcomes

Satisfies the following student outcomes (SOs) via the following Performance Indicators:
•    SO (c) – PI-c4: Design and implement components and systems to process, i.e. acquire, store, organize, manipulate, access and present, varied amounts of data.
•    SO (c) – PI-c6: Understand broad economic, environmental, social, cultural, political, legal, ethical, safety, and security issues in both local and global scale.
•    SO (f) – PI-f2: Understand legal issues related with engineering practice, including intellectual property rights, security and privacy.
•    SO (f) – PI-j1: Discuss the newsworthy events that arise from the use of information and communication technologies.
•    SO (k) – PI-k1: Use a widely accepted high-level programming language, e.g. Java, C# and C++.
•    SO (k) – PI-k5: Use some special purpose languages and tools, such as those for mathematical programming, simulation, statistical analysis and hardware description.
•    SO (l) – PI-l3: Analyze the architectures of real systems, such as operating systems, database management systems, network protocols, compilers, and graphics engines.